Wine & Charcuterie

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

elegant plates to complement your wines....

Nothing is more elegant then a wine pairing with a charcuterie board. Sipping wine, laughing and chatting as you nibble on elegant and tasty morsels.

typically a charcuterie will focus on selections of meats and pates. I tend to do an enhance board with crackers, cheeses, and spreads.

charcuterie hybrid

my hybrid charcuterie board includes meats, spreads, cheese and crackers, but in an elegant presentation. Don't just grab the precut stuff, a squeezable of mustard and call it a day. The presentation of the board creates the mood, and air of elegance and allows your guests or even yourself to make bite-sized combinations to enhance your wines. We'll assume a nice red wine or 1 or 2 various red wines are there for the tasting.

1.) Get yourself a nice cutting board.

2.) The meats. You'll want a few types, try and get a variety of Speck, prosciutto, pate, chorizo, salami. I like a black peppercorn salami, a sweet soppresato, a prosciutto, maybe some chorizo. I always buy the full meats, not the pre-sliced items. remove the packaging slice about half leaving the rest intact as display...for added elegance loosely wrap in brown kraft paper (brown paper bag type look and feel or butcher paper) and twine...this adds a very rustic look and feel.

3.) Hint of Decor. Toss a few springs of thyme and rosemary on the board.

4.) some crackers - and NO NOT RITZ crackers. Look for somthing unique like rosemary and olive oil .

5.) Some Cheeses. Say perhaps some cave aged Cheddar, something like a doublener, and perhaps a blue cheese for variety. Again slicing or cubing up about half.

6.) Condiments. A small bowl with something like a stone ground mustard. Something unique. Don't put a squeezable of yellow mustard on the board.

7.) The extra? get a french bread, slice it thin.. add a little bowl of good olive oil sprinkled with sea salt, black pepper and rosemary. Hand full of candied walnuts...anything that is unique and elegant - keep it savory.

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