Patriot Wines

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Patriot Wines Pennsylvania is a "revolutionary" winery utilizing the grapes of the commonwealth and beyond. Rather then focus on single vineyard or area, and being held back by only using grapes from this vineyard in one county, Patriot hand selects the finest grapes from a variety of vineyards to create exceptional wines.

Utilizing various techniques like multi-oak aging, extended soaks, cold soaks, micro-oxygenation and even sun drying our grapes, we have redefined "Pennsylvania Winery". Patriot then tells the story of colonial Pennsylvania, the fight for independence, and the stories of the first patriots within their wines. A wine-making veteran for almost 20 years; Steven's passion has always been wine. In realizing his dream and creating Patriot, he became a traitor to the Crown and allied himself with fellow revolutionary and brother in arms Christopher to scheme and plot against the establishment. Their clandestine meetings led to surges in devious plots and stockpiling of munitions (grapes) to begin the fight! Will you join the fight? Join, or Wine! ..... or both.... Thanks, Chris and Steve

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