Hidden Wine Secrets! Use QR codes

We all have secrets, skeletons in our closets... Now you can find out what they are! On the Patriot site we of course have details on the wine, just click the wines page, but, did you know that you can scan the QR code on our bottles to instantly take you to secret pages. When you scan your bottle you will be transported to a secret page about the wine you scan. You will see descriptions, technical wine information, tasting notes, stories, and even production photos. - Just go to the App Store or Google Play - search for QR CODE - and install a QR Code Reader (they are free). Grab a bottle of Patriot and scan the QR code on the back....that crazy bar code looking thing...and click to browse or go to the address. You can try it on the image below if you want a taste....Just don't tell anyone.

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