Hellfire Release 1

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Our quiet releases, named after the famed and secretive Hellfire Club,

are in progress. Test batches that showcase the wines to come.

The Hellfire 1 Release is our secretive batch 1. This is the first "unofficial" release by Patriot. This release is our first foray into utilizing fruit from various vineyards in unique and interesting ways.

Hellfire 1

The clandestine HellFire 1 releases, created in the shadows, a faint whisper, and a test to understand what was possible with Pennsylvania fruit.

Game Changer

In utilizing the best fruit from the best vineyards, we are able to hand pick the best and not lose focus on dealing with vines. We'll make the wine and let the experts deal with vines. Sourcing from many vineyards gives us the edge and allows us to create epic wines. We also experimented with various blends and aging techniques to do some special stuff. When you think out of the box and cast caution to wind you create magic; and become rebels.

Hellfire Release 1 Technical Notes

The first release - stuns....
  • Revolution Red (3-grape stunner aged in medium plus toast French Oak)

  • Martha Rose' (A rose unlike any other)

  • The Crossing Chardonnay (delicious with notes of light toast French Oak)

  • The Ford (A medium weight red aged in Hungarian Oak)


The first release was exceptional. The wines crafted beautifully and a revolution in Pennsylvania wine-making was born. Hellfire 1 was an experiment in danger, risk, and finding out what was possible when you think outside the box. Its a harbinger of things to come.....

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